Sax Concerto

Born Of Fire - Concerto for Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra by Josie Simmons

The title "Born of Fire" reflects not only the birth of the piece but the 'musical stone' metaphors of the movement titles. Igneous stone is produced underground in volcanoes by magma rocks connecting with lava, before the lava erupts. Sedimentary stone forms at the bottom of lakes as washed-away earth hardens over thousands of years. Metamorphic stone was once either Igneous or Sedimentary stone. Over time and under tons of pressure, the original stones are morphed into another type of stone.

This composition reflects an element of classical tradition which is then combined with strong folk melodies, jazz harmonies and a rocking rhythmic drive. If you are interested in performing this piece please get in touch and we can arrange for the scores and parts to be purchased. A recording of this concerto is available in the youtube link below.