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At Sax Music Scores we endeavour to provide new high quality exciting compositions and arrangements for the saxophone to players of all levels. Managed by 'Marici Saxes' this online store sells music from our albums and general saxophone sheet music. Marici Saxes' compositions and arrangements are available to buy on the Marici Album Scores page and we recommend that you also browse through the other pages to discover works of interest. Latest pieces include Aurora, The Balkan Suite and Tayal Chinese Folk Song which is on the Marici Album Scores Page. There is also a new educational sax ensemble piece for 6 alto saxophones in the Sax Ensemble Section. 

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Customer Reviews

Tony - Australia 

I am a community musician who took up music in the form of the saxophone later in life. I have purchased four scores from “Sax Music Scores” and have a great predilection for the Marici saxophone quartet music on here. The three pieces that my quartet have played so far are Cavatina, Vocalise and Pavane and we found that with one professional saxophonist and three amateurs in our quartet these were a perfect fit for our level and have been greatly enjoyed by all. I have always felt a very strong draw to world/folk music and am looking forward to also trying “Suite of Irish Folk Tunes” soon. A beautifully simple, easy to use and very well set out website.  I happily anticipate finding more great music here in the future!


Amy - UK

I love Marici Saxes and was so pleased to find that they sell their sheet music on here. I am a music teacher and have purchased 'Cavatina' and 'Swinging City Blues' for my school saxophone groups. Both have gone down as a real winner amongst the students! I highly recommend this site and am looking forward to purchasing other pieces from here when available.


Dave - USA

My college sax quartet have enjoyed learning and performing 'Suite of Irish Folk Tunes.' We have loved being able to learn a piece which is both challenging but also fun to play. This website is awesome!